Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Bryant

Have you had one?

Well you should. It's the sexiest drink this side of the Mississippi and that side of the Rio Grand.

One Part Whiskey.

One part Ginger-ale

Lotta Liiiiiime Juice.

The Bryant

We've been having a lot of fun ordering them at bars and then scoffing and rolling our eyes when the bartenders have to aaaaaask what it is. Then we tell them and they act like "Duh, I knew that."

The Bryant. Order it and see.Spread the word. And it is actually quite delicious.

Yes, I understand that saying 'a The Bryant' might be weird so you can just say 'a Bryant'. I mean, if you haaaaaaave too.

I'll have a summer The Bryant party. And maybe you'll be invited. But only if you ask nice. And only if you drink my drink and toast me and say nice things and tell me I'm pretty and buy me presents and take me on your scooter and buy me an ice cream cone and pull a quarter out of my ear. Whoa! How'd you dooooo that!?!?!?

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