Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March on to Yummy Foodtown, USA.

Spring has sprung!!!!!(no, no it has--maybe not in Chicago, but I'm sure somewhere...)

In celebration of SPRING and in celebration of my new camera-- so thoughtfully given to me by nk--Today I took some pics documenting my day of cookin' for Barb and Sunil.

Brian and Brianna helped.

I banged this order out uber fast. I did, however, mess up the egg noodles. So you will NOT be seeing the egg noodles. Trust me they were not pretty...

We started with a cornucopia of deliciousness!

We gots every pan goin'. We gots the steam. The smells. The goodness.

Even amongst the chaos, Little Baby Bri-Bri Belly was able to make his Bourgeois Breakfast. Ain't he sweet?

Morengo Chicken...it has olives in it so I say ew. But others say yay!

Olives are gross.

Squash. Squashes. Squeeshes.

OH MY GOSH! LOOK!!! All the food is, like, totally the same color.

We gots Quinoa Stuffed B-Nut Squash.
Veggie Chili
Morengo Chicken
Egg Noodles (we don't talk about these.)
Rice unt Beans.

In other news CabVag is goin' online...well I mean websitey.

Check it...it's the bare bones, but we got it goin' on.


Look at the minds at work.Brian is reeeeeally close to the screen. We worry bouts his eyes.

This week (and last week) is restaurant week in Chicago. Find a fancy place and go eat their fixed menu. Eat it. Eat it goooooooood.

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