Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can you handle this AWESOMENESS?

Oh my sweet babies. Did we have a weekend!

A weekend of amazing meals and good talks and more good meals and even more good talks.

We started Friday morn with a Bourgeois Breakfast. Brian's favorite breakfast in Germany.

Side note:Did you know Brian lived in Germany? Berlin actually.Pronounced Bear-leeeeeeeen. He actually speaks German. Did you know that? He does. German. Speaks it.Like for real. He lived IN Berlin. Like the city...of BERLIN.Pronounced Bear-leeeeeeeen.

Anyway Brian's favorite type of breakfast in Bear-leeeeen was a plate a random things. Such as an egg. Some bread. A LARGE chunk of meat. Some cheese. Carbs. Perhaps an olive or two.

He has started to recreate this party on a plate every week for whomever is willing to load up on copious amounts of protein. This week we shared it with Becket!

Pork Chop! Fried Egg! Sauteed Turkey! Spinach! Avocado Toast! Olives!

On Friday night we did an ole' game of Supermarket Sweep.
Nate, Tony and I went to Harvest Time and each had three minutes to get two ingredients and then we had to make a meal out of what we got.
Dani: Skirt Steak and Portobellas.
Tony: Spinach and Eggplant.
Nate: Absurd things which we made him put back.

The menu: Sazon spiced steak with spicy sauteed eggplant, onions, and spinach.

Black Beans and Quinoa(we needed carbs so I raided the pantry when we got home and added this dishy)

Tomatillo Salsa(We let Nate try again with his Supermarket Sweep turn and he did great.Mmm.)

Whiskey Baked Apples

So real quick on the apples. How you doooo it.
Core Apple
Stuff center with butter
Sprinkle with Sugar and Cin.
1/4 Whiskey per apple--so 4 apps was one cup of the good stuff.
Let bake at 375 for 1-2 hours. Slow, but soooooo good.
Top with ice cream.
Just do it.

We, of course, drank copious amounts of wine with the word Blood in the title. Boars Blood and Bears Blood. We thought they twere quite amusing.

Next night was an impromptu dinner party with Le Braden. Our plan was to go to the sto'(Dani speak for store) and buy stuffs, but Brian, Braden and I got caught up in being terribly amusing and thus the sto' closed. So I raided the pantry and made something. Ugh, it was so much fun. I love to just make some new business up! Foodie business is my business.

Spaghetti,Chicken,Onions,Sundried Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Pine Nuts, and....Indian Spices! Like: Turmeric, Curry, Cardamom. A bit of Love and Sass.It was great. Braden said it tasted like McDonald's chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, but, like, ya know...healthier?

Finally, we ended the eve with some Bread Pudding Pancakes. The mix was from Southport Grocery-- it's just dried white bread,sugar,eggs and milk, but the texture of these things are DIVINE. I made a honey butter maple syrup sauce. Oh.My.God.

(Not my picture, but you get the point.)

Brian and I made a vow to spend less money going out and more nights in cooking and entertaining. We have done it. And it was glorious. A glorious weekend full of love and happy tummies.

This coming weekend we shall repeat. And every weekend for the rest of my life. It's my favorite thing to do you know.

Please join us.

Join we and us AND our bodacious and phallic food fertility deities which only come out of their barrels at mealtime to aid in digestion.


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Kathryn said...

Can I join up one of these weekends? I can bring my chicken whacker! (for whacking things including but not limited to chicken..)

Tony said...

Wonderful food and company!

Mrs. Goldapp said...

Checking out your blog for the first time. Cameron has recently gotten obsessed with cooking, and I think he would love to learn from you. Maybe we can tag along to your next potluck?

RoboNixon said...

Note to Self: Don't read Dani's blog before eating lunch, after a morning of no breakfast.