Thursday, November 13, 2008

Somebody lied to Rachel Ray...

When they told her that this was a good idea.

Or this.

This either.

Ooooop,here's another.My fav!

She's not the only one.

Cat Cora got tricked too...

Bless their hearts.

This is the ONLY Food Network Star that can get away with FHM spreads.


I am sexy. You are sexy. Rachel Ray? Noooooo sexy. Huh? Or am I wrong? Are these hot? Bah.


Tiff said...

HAHA. No. Rachel Ray says "Yum-o." I mean . . . if you can't imagine your lust object saying her catch phrase in bed, then she is not a viable lust object. Who's next, Ina Garten? Paula Deen? ::shudders::

Now Giada . . . is an Italian cougar goddess.

RoboNixon said...

That picture of Giada looks like an out-take from the Dexter print ad campaign.

Anonymous said...

someone has lied to you guys, cat cora and rachael ray are smokin, now giada on the other hand has the huge ass head on a body of a six year old icky!!!