Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Great Chicago Cupcake Off of November 8th 2008

So it was my Birthday on Saturday. It was a really great day. Really great. Relaxed but jovial. Surrounded by my favorite people.

We had a deliciously delicious meal at Uncommon Ground.

We feasted on...

Sweet Potato fries with goat cheese fondue!

Sunshine Salad:organic greens, seasonal farmer’s market vegetables, avocado,sunflower seeds & sprouts, apple cider vinaigrette, seeded flatbread crisp!

Pumpkin Ravioli:creamy sage brown butter, toasted hazelnuts, gorgonzola cheese!

Duo of duck:duck confit, seared duck breast, black river gorgonzola, ‘crunchy’ potatoes, farmers market onion & port wine duck jus!

Crispy gunthorp farm chicken breast:apples, butternut squash, swiss chard, brie, apple brandy reduction!

Among other things.

We boozed on...

Frida Kahlo: Dark chocolate liqueur, madagascar vanilla vodka, kalua, omahene chocolate, cinnamon-cayenne pepper syrup.

Neal Cassadys Coffee: Madagascar vanilla bean house-infused whiskey,
black cat double espresso & steamed maple cream

Plus two seasonal drinks called Tom Waitts for No Man

and The Blanche Devereaux


Black dog gelato & sorbet trio:choose three: whiskey, caramel-goat cheese,salty peanut, fresh mint or cocoa nib,cucumber-rose sorbet or strawberry-rhubarb sorbet!

After dinner we headed home where we entertained ourselves with song, rhyming games, wine, and...


I went to three bakeries...


Southport Grocery

Angel Food Bakery

We judged by looking and tasting and scoffing and yumming.

Here was the selection with awarded titles.

Molly's: 1st place
Chocolate with Chocolate Icing--Moistest!Moistest? Not a word, right?
Carrot Cake with Brown Butter Icing--Weirdest Icing
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing--Best overall. Winner extraordinaire.Prettiest
Vanilla with French Butter cream Icing--Most delicious yet boring.
These puppies won overall.All four were quite good.

Angel Food:2nd place
Coconut-- Biggest. Easiest to cut.
Pumpkin with Cream Cheese Icing-- Most seasonal, duh.
They were pretty and boxed nicely.

Southport Grocery:3rd place
Vanilla on Vanilla--Easiest removed wrapper. Ooo.
Chocolate on Chocolate--Best chocolate cupcake that tasted nothing like chocolate.
Oddly dryer then expected. Good frosting I guess, but dry as your dirty kunst(art) face.

We had so much fun. Well, I did. 24 is gonna be a goodie. I can feel it.

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