Monday, November 3, 2008

Dinner Party of Dreams

Braden, Vanessa, and Blayne were going to have dinner.

Austin, Brian, and myself were going to have dinner.

So, like duh, we combined forces and had a delightful ole'time.

Miso noodle soup with Shrimp.
Sticky rice with egg and seaweed
Veggie and Chicken Dumplings
Veggie Egg rolls
Chocolate and Green Tea Mochi
Gingerbread cake.
And6...6! bottles of wine. That's one a piece folks.

Topics discussed:
Whether or not sperm has souls. Is that why they sparkle under black lights? Is it their souls saying "Hello!!"?

Who is the funniest cartoon character of all time?Then the boys talked Disney cartoons for far to long. V and I were a bit in awe of their Aladdin/Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast knowledge. It was impressive. And weird. They were not ashamed.

We discussed our lovers or lack thereof.

As well as the art of projectile vomiting and our fascination with Cancer--especially my mother's benign tumor that grew body parts like teeth and eyelashes(for real.)

We debated whether or not I should get a tattoo on my back to commemorate this insane year that is almost behind me. What do you think? See it below.

We laughed. Hard. For hours.

...then we had massage time? Yeah, we paired off and massaged shoulders and necks. Bizarre, but a perfect ending to a wonderful meal...I think. No, I know it was! We're such hippies.

Go team Cabaret Vagabond. We were full of Asiany carbs and Kunst. Always Kunst. Lots of Kuuuuuust.

Soup and dumplins. I love dumplins. I once made pumpkin dumplins. Yeah, I know!

Sticky rice. How does it get so sticky?!? Magic!

Some gosh darn delicious soup. Hard to eat with chopsticks though. We did it anyway.We're hard core chopstickers.

Dessert by Austin and Trader Joe.

Our host and hostess. Good people. Two of the best.

3 of my favorite men on the planet and our attempt at being food critics. See us critique! Look at us gooooo!

My possible tattoo. She's sensual and confident, and would be there on my back even though I couldn't see her...I'd know she was there. I LOVE Mucha. He's everywhere in my apartment. I adore him.

1 comment:

Tiff said...

Dani, you would look absolutely bad-ass gorgeous with that tattoo. I approve.

It breaks my heart that I am not there for nights like this right now.

Austin and I will often find ourselves walking down the street reciting The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. The man I want is the man who knows his Disney.