Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have a question.

How much do you eat in restaurants?

Like twice a week? 4 or 5? Once a day? How about three times a day?

...Yeah that was my yesterday. I cook for people, but I don't cook for myself! The other day Brian said "I'm hungry" and I sprung into action and made him Quesadillas. I ate some too, but if I had not made a balanced meal for my big tall roommate I would have just eaten rice crackers, almond cheese, and nibbled on other things made of almonds. Like butter for instance...I don't know what this is all about.

I just roasted vegetables for me though... Eggplant, Cauliflower, and Asparagus. Best combo ever!

But back to restaurant living. I must spend 50% of my income on food. BUT hey I don't spend money on nail polish or crystal meth or a pet goldfish so it must balance out right? I have fine taste. I can't help it. I can't help lots of things.

So last night after seeing Edward II(which is fantastic--go see it!)at Navy Pier we somehow ended up in Evanston. Wait, I know how. I forgot to get off Lake Shore drive and then suddenly we were in Evanston! So we picked up Brian from rehearsal and went to Tommy Nevins Pub. Because it was the ONLY thing open.

I found our variety of food to be quite amusing. Please enjoy.

Mine was Salad and Sweet Potatoes. Boring, I know. The Sweet Potatoes were amazing. Like pie. Only potatoes.

Brian, as usual, ate the only balanced meal. Salmon Flatbread. Nice ratio of Carbs to Protein, B!

Brianna had her free Mexican beer, her Jamison and Baily's and her mini chicken Caesar salad.

Finally Braden's...Oh, yes. Cream cheese balls with BBQ Cocktail sauce. And Berry Bread Pudding. I argued that the Bread Pudding's texture was not authentic, but I was overruled by the table.

I have the best times in restaurants over food with the ones I love. I shall never stop! Never. You are NOT the boss of me crumbling economy!

Hey,wanna get brunch?

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