Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Frittata of Dreams

Frittatas are like sooooo totally underrated. Wikipedia calls them Italian omelets. I like to think of them more as quiche without the crust! But many have argued with me on that. Namely, Braden LuBell. Frittatas are perfect. They're one of those dishes that'll really impress, but is so easy peasy. Oooo a Frittata with peas would be delish...

This particular Frittata has a bit of a Mexican flavor. But you could fancy it up in any style. Soy sauce and water chestnuts for an Asian delight. Feta and spinach for something Greeky.Do it up, yo.

Them Gredients:
5 whole eggs (Egg whites work perfectly fine as well.)
Splash of milk
One medium onion sliced and diced
One red bell pepper chopped and slopped
1/2 cups of corn (Fire roasted from Trader Joe's is the BEST!)
1/2 cup black beans
1-2 links of Chicken sausage.
One packet of SAZON!:The magical Mexican spice.
Pepper(You may or may not need more salt. SAZON!is pretty salt-a-licious.)
CHEEEEESE! (Any cheese really, I used cheddar.)

Chop everything chopable to about the same size. Throw the onions, peps, and sausage into a med-high pan with a bit of oil to start a brownin'.Once the onions start to caramelize add the corn and beans and SAZON! Let it cook for few minutes more to let the flavours combine.

Pre-heat the oven to 350.

Crack the eggies and whisk in a bowl with the milk.Pour mixture into the pan and let it cook until the edges begin to set. DO NOT STIR. This is key to make your Frittata a Frittata of Dreams!

Look at that creepy egg bubble.

So, if your saute pan has a plastic handle just wrap it in tin foil before you put it in the oven. Alton Brown taught me this at The School of the Food Network. He's a super genius. Now let the pan hang in the oven for about 10 minutes.

Slice and dice the cheese into a lovely little pile like this one. If your pile does not look exactly like this. Then obviously you have failed and you should hang up your chefs hat(Do you have a hat? I do. Jealous?)forever.

Top your Frittata of Dreams with cheese and switch the oven to broil. Keep an eye on it until the cheese is all melty.

Tada! Serve with something carb-a-licious. Toast? English Muffin? Bagel or Bran Muffin. Pancake!!Corn cake... Mmm, did I miss any breakfast carb? Croissant! Scone!Kolache!Yeah,Kolache.

Eat good my kittens, eat good.


thesaurasaurus said...

Thank you SO much for telling me what to do with Sazon. I keep buying it because I love saffron but I'll be damned if I have creative ideas about what to do with it.
In other news, I have decided that this is the year I will master:
1. Paella
2. Pies
3. Poetry
The third one is a lie; I just needed a third P.

Yay blogs!

Dani said...

So you've been buying boxes of Sazon thinking it was Saffron? That is funny. Funny, indeed.

If curious Sazon is mostly coriander (cilantro)and annatto (achiote).

Tiff said...

Oh, we have a video of that.



RebeccaZ said...

Thank you for giving me an idea to spice up our breakfast routine ... all breakfast routines need a little spice and the fri-ta-ta is just what the doctor ordered!

Mmmmm. Fri ... ta ... ta.