Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Harvest Time with Brian and Jenny.

Since I've figured out how to e-mail pictures from my Blackberry/Future Box, this bloggin' should become more prevalent. See, I misplaced my camera in the move and have been too lazy to figure out how to download pics off my phone. And frankly blogs with no pictures is a snore, yes? No? But e-mail?!? Heck yeah. I'm the queen of e-mail.We're now all set for some serious business.

So. Harvest Time is our favorite Mexican Grocery in Lincoln Square. It has gorgeous produce and cheapo little delightful treats. Brian(the tall one), Jen(the young one), and I(the cooky one) took a stroll over to our little haunt. I had nothing to buy,neither did Jen,but of course we bought things. Brian had plenty to buy. At the end of our adventure I looked into our baskets and laughed and laughed. Such a silly contrast. Enjoy.

Brian's cart is the one of a well balanced man. Milk, Bread, Meat, Cheese. Superb Brian, really good show my dear chappy.

Jen looks like a supermodel by the way. She just got out of school and lives on Ramen noodles, CheeseItz, mac and cheese, hard boiled eggs(for protein, duh) and apparently scallops and frozen peas? HYSterical.

I decided to buy 3 fruits which all look the same.Red grapes,cherries, and figs.Purple and round and juicy and perfect. I'm a fruit whore. I also got the magic Mexican spice.

And then when we got home I introduced them to the wonder of fresh figs--which are in season and cheap!!!Eat them with cream cheese and walnuts or goat cheese and prosciutto! My roommates were unfamiliar. I educated them. They had only had the dried ones. I mean come on! Fruit of the Gods!

Look at that sexy piece of fruit.

Look at those sexy roommates.

Me likes them.


Che said...

Crazy Dani, you are still hilarious! I love your writing!

thesaurasaurus said...

Hey lady. I have a packet of that saffron Goya stuff and don't have much of a clue what to do with it (it all comes from when I lived up the street from HarvestTime myself and would buy cheap things just because they intrigued me, then bring them home and give them to Gabe to cook. He never used the Sazon Goya, so do you have any innovative uses for it?
Muchas gracias!