Friday, June 6, 2008

Hey remember that time...

I was really into this food blogging thing and then my life spun into craziness and then I stopped blogging for a while and then things evened out and I decided to start it up again?

That was fun.

So a foodie update. I've been cooking for new folks... a lot.

I had a funky woman who had me make ridiculously simple things for her in order to lose weight before she went on safari. Yes, safari!!! Like plain chicken and roasted carrots. I still can't believe people pay me to do that.

But it's a new couple which keeps me most busy! The don't cook at all. So I do all their dinners for the week--at once! That is a lot of cooking folks. And here's the kicker--The dude likes SPIIIICY crazy, normal people can't handle it spicy , but the lady can't handle any spice. So I make it very bland, split in in half and then spice the heck out of the one half.

Both of these new clients love my roasted vegetables. They are juuuust roasted vegetables. Nothing special. But people go nuts. Salt, Pepper, EVOO and a 350 oven. Easy as pie. Mmmmm pie.
Cauliflower, carrots, and eggplant are a bangin' combo. Try it on the grill.

In other recent food news...I got concussion! Yes, I was hit in the head by a ladder. I'm OK now---except, all I want to eat is fruit. All day. all the time. This could be because it's hot, but frankly I like to blame things on the concussion. Late for work? I'm concussed bosslady! Hit the biker with my car? Sorry dude I'm concussed...Can't stop eating fruit? Concussion. Mangos, Kumquats, Watermelon and of course Cherries. I live on Cherries during the summer. Even though they cost mad dough. I eat em cause I loooooves em.

Oh man. Ice Cream. Don't you love it? Well I shall continue to update you on my findings. So far I have two great little spotties to report.


It's frozen kefir. Which is very good for you. They have lots of yummy FRUIT!!! And other yummy toppings like red velvet cupcake chunks and fruity pebbles. Check check it out.

Bleeding Heart Bakery

I recommend the Take A Hike Scone. Eaten by the lake with some pear butter, of course. BUT their ice cream. OMFG. Here are just a sample of some flavors:

Organic Strawberry Ginger Basil Ice Cream.

Organic Elvis Ice Cream - Chocolate Bacon and Banana.

Organic Avocado Peppercorn Balsamic Ice Cream.

Organic Goat Cheese Walnut Port Wine Ice Cream.

Yeah, I know right?!? I had the last one. And it was great! Not weird at all. Very tasty indeed. Stop what you are doing right now and go get some. Get on a plane if you must.

Tomorrow I'm hitting up some farmers markets and I plan to bring the ole camera. Are you so excited?

Eat good my lovelies. Eat goooooood.

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RoboNixon said...

Glad you're back! Believe it or not, I actually check-up frequently for cooking tips. Woot.