Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hot Chocolate

Oh what a night--Brit's birthday was a April 1st, but tonight we celebrated with decadent meal at a delightful place in Wicker Park called Hot Chocolate. I shall give you a play by play of what went down.

First off our waiter, Doug, was super cute. And SUPER flirty. He kept touching all of us and really liked us because we were all lookin' suuuuuper smokin hot. We couldn't figure out which one of us he was really into...I thought it'd be funny if we all wrote down our numbers and next to the number put decriptions of ourselves and then see who he called--but...then his curley haired girlfriend came in and he got all formal-like...which was OK. He still got a juicy tip. If anything go there for Doug.

Here's our app. These beer boiled homemade pretzels with cheese and mustard. Pretty freakin great.

Rachel's burger! So good. It had an egg on it--which is very Aussie.

I will not be showing you what Brit and I shared--we were not that happy. We got the "warm “calzone” of Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese and brioche, Served with sautéed local seasonal vegetables with a lemon-thyme pesto." It was ok. Not life changing, but what ruined things was the salad. Our new best pal Doug did not mention that the salad we ordered was a bread salad!!! Just croutons. Who wants a bread salad with a calzone? Not a good pairing. We love our carbs, but this meal had way. too. many. carbs.

JJ's Half and Half--which is half dark chocolate and half espresso. It was like chocolate coffee soup with homemade marshmallows. I tasted it and it reminded me of my grandmother Julia. I love her.

Happy Happy Birthday!! She got the chocolate X 2--which was just divine and a box of free treats...from Doug.

Rach and I shared the Pineapple Dessert--we like fruity desserts. We trick ourselves into thinking the "fruit" will balance out the carbs? Ha.

How freakin' cute is she?

Doug(on right)! And Patrick--one of the chefs? I think... We really only cared about Doug.

Here's some quotes about Doug: "I've never had a waiter go through the entire menu w/ me, recommending the good and letting me know to steer away from the bad."--Rachel Felson

"Doug's hands were so big and manly I wanted him to feed me my dark hot chocolate"--Also Rachel Felson

We have much more fun then you do.

PS The Video Blog is still on it's way. We had a busy week and instead of forcing you to watch 27 minutes of us being silly we thought we'd cut it down for you...still workin on it. Soon soon.

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RoboNixon said...

What's weird is that Doug actually did feel my hot chocolate...