Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How I get my kicks.

Get ready for the most exciting post ever. Now I KNOW all of you have been wondering how the hell one would make coconut kefir. Because I know the world is obsessed with the fermented nectar of young coconuts.

Well here is your chance, y'all. Get funky.
Yesterday was a rough day. I won't go into the deets, but it was. And so to cheer me up, the girls and I got together to ferment things. Power tools were involved!

This is our idea of fun. I swear. We don't get drunk or snort things. We don't paint our toes and eat Ben and Jerry's. We ferment and culture foods and then take pictures and then post the pictures and then comment on the pictures in order to spread our joy!

The perfect lovely new coconut...

Miss JJ cuts off thin slices off the outer shell looking for the 'magic hole'--yes the 'magic hole.'

She found that magic hole!

Pour out that sweet coconut nectar! There is about 1.5 cups in each one. We had 19. Yes, 19 coconuts! Rachel bought everyone Whole Foods had and they in turn thought she was coconuts.

Next step is to saw that baby in half! We let JJ's bro handle this duty. It made him feel manly. Though he he did refuse to be photographed...was he embarrassed to be fermenting coconuts on a rockin' Monday night? It's possible...

Ta-da! What a beauty.

Rachel was on scoop duty. She's a really good scooper.

Oh oops! I see a brother! Shh...don't tell him.

We heat up the nectar to ignite fermentation!!!

This is a bowl full of coconut meat!So. Good.

Coconut pudding...Mmm.

So here are the final fruits of our labor. From left to right we have Coconut cheese, Coconut Kefir, and KimChee(which is cultured vegetables--this batch is cabbage, carrots, garlic, ginger, cucumber, and green apples) It ferments for a whole darn week!

Yeah, we really are that good of a time.

You should come hang out with us and rid yourself of the evil candida. It's a blast!


Here are a few links if you really are curious why we eat this stuff.

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