Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toast your lover.

rwcipeOh Avocado Toast.

Where do I begin. Mmm? The quickest way to my heart is through avocado toast. No really. If you love avocado toast I shall love you. Most people love avocado toast and those of you who have yet to experience it--well you are in for a treat.

Cooking is easy. Example? Avocado toast! It is simple yet divine. You can eat it for breakfast(There ya go my darling Roman!) or with soup/salad. Serve it as an app. Heck, I'd eat it for dessert.

I first discovered avocado toast at Cafe Gitane in SoHo. I discovered this little place a few years ago and EVERYTIME I've gone into the city since I found a way to go--even if I was nowhere near Mott St.

Everyone I have ever taken to Cafe Gitane says "Ugh, Dani this is so you." I suppose I doooo have gitane like qualities--gypsy, gypsy. So if you ever wanted to see me personified in restaurant form. Go to Cafe Gitane. They have watermelon juice!


The first time I went to this little gem everyone was ordering a lovely looking bright green thing. So I got it too. It was perfect. I had to know what it was! It seemed complex and nuanced. So I watched them make it. And... it was literally avocado on some toast--with a few accouterments of course.

I shall now tell you how to experience the splendor.
What you'll need:

Bread--OK, but not just any bread. No presliced stuff. You need a thick hearty 7-grain or multi-grain loaf. Cut into slices(on the thick side.)
Avocado--Make sure it's ripe. If it's too hard, you won't be able to do the ole' mush n' spread. If you need to ripen an avocado fast, stick it in a paper bag and let it hang on a window sill overnight. Magic.

Red Pepper Flakes--these are a must in your kitchen. Get on the red-pepper flake bandwagon will ya?
Olive Oil--actually avocado oil would be preferred, but who has avocado oil? If you do, well then, you are MUCH cooler then me.
Sea Salt--NOT table salt. None of that little umbrella girl nonsense. You need sea salt. Be big girls and boys and buy some real salt.
Black Pepper--Again...fresh ground would be preferred.

I'm not being snobby. You can make avocado toast with whatever you have hanging about, but if you want to experience it truly, please oh please, take my advice.

1. Toast the bread.Good an crispy.
2. Cut the avocado in half--scoop out the goods, mush it with a fork and spread on the toast. I use one avocado for 3 slices.
4. Salt an Pepper.
5. Drizzle with Olive Oil.

The end.

I love this stuff to the moon. I hope you do too. Make it for your lover on Valentine's Day.

Avocados are super sexy.


Tiff said...

I'm going to make it tomorrow. For breakfast. But I am going to have to make a pansy version, I think, because all I have is some sliced Trader Joe's sprouted grain bread, which is good, but not avaCADO toast good, and no red pepper flakes, and . . . oh Jesus. Maybe I . . . maybe I should just wait and make a NON pansy version. But I want it . . . NOW. Maybe I'll just make it for myself while I'm . . . while we're . . . well, tomorrow. You know ;).

::crosses fingers::


Erin said...

Good Morning Dani!

I just wanted to let you know that I made your avocado toast recipe and posted it on my site today. It is phenomenal! I seriously don't think I will ever go without a bowl full of avocados in my home ever again. Thank you again for posting such a delicious snack!


Anonymous said...

I too fell in love with avocado on toast after having it at Cafe Gitane. But you forgot the lemon juice! A little sprinkling of lemon juice makes a perfect recipe even better!