Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dani's favorite foods?

So I'm writing this bloggy in the dining room of 'my ladies' house. They are in Mexico-- So I am doing very little cooking this week. Just for me...

...and for Joe and Shushy(the cats). They like fish, but not salmon. Joe is an old country gentleman and Shushy is a crazy hermit cat who stays in the closet and only comes out to silently judge me.

So, I'm keeping them company, and answering the occasional business call/e-mail.

I just made the most disgusting looking/sounding dish --of course, it tasted fantastic!

~Refried Black Beans
~Collard Greens
~Random spices--Ginger, Cumin, S & P.
~Topped with tomatillo salsa.

I eat some weird stuff guys. Hence the subject of this post.

I had the first rehearsal for my show on Monday and we did several "Getting to know you" games--like we do. One game in particular sent me into a panic. This game shall be called the "What is your favorite food?" game. Seems simple enough right? Um NO!!!

My brain: "Ah! MMMmmm Onions?No you can't say onions. They are all saying pizza. Say sauteed peppers, mushrooms, AND onions--sounds less weird. Nope still weird. Frozen grapes? What is wrong with you? Be, eh, I'm next--popcorn?hummus?..."

My mouth: "Lentils?!!!?"

Yeah, I said lentils. Lentils are not my favorite food. I enjoy them, yes.But for some reason lentils seemed like the 'normal' answer at the time.

It got me thinkin'. Brit says I eat really odd things and maybe I do. I thought I'd highlight a few of my favs and perhaps inspire you to put down the cheetos and embrace the yeast--yep, yeast.


If we are speaking in turkey talk. Tofu is the white meat and Tempeh is the dark meat. Make sense? By itself tempeh is bland as all heck--BUT when I make it. Whoooooa nelly.

In a hot hot pan saute my holy trinity( peppers, onions, and mushrooms), then add chunks of tempeh. Get it going--real hot. Then cover it in soy sauce-- as the liquid evaporates the tempeh and veggies get all caramelized and wonderful. Give it a whirl.


Hey you! Did you know that there are other grain-like side dishes besides rice and pasta? I swear it's true. No lie.

Quinoa is fancy becuase it's ancient! One of the oldest grains ever. My Mom likes it because the Incas and Mayans ate it. She's reeeeally into being Mayan these days.

Just make it how is says on the box. And then gussy it up. It's good savory, but also sweet. You could eat it like oatmeal! Add fruit,honey, anything and everything.

If you are feelin' wild and crazy try Tempeh WITH Quinoa. Oh man. Get back Jack.

~Nutritional Yeast(stay with me!)

A sad story. It's short. Don't worry.

Once upon a time I went to a hippy dippy acupuncturist. He said I'm mildly allergic to dairy and should probably give it up. It effects my "chakra". The end.

...I know. Cheese. Darling wonderful cheese. How could I live without cheese? Soy cheese is fine and dandy, but it doesn't really hit the spot. Nothing ever will and so I give into the cheese occasionally.

But Nutritional Yeast--it tastes like freakin' cheese! No lie. It's weird. Mix it into sauces, sprinkle on popcorn. It's good for you-- full of Vitamin B--which we all know is the best Vitamin ever.


It's magic. Gives you a healthy liver. Detoxifies yo body and makes ya feel gooooood.

It's fermented tea. Kombucha has a distinct taste and takes some getting use to. But it's the bees knees. Buy it at Whole Foods or Wild Oats. It comes in lots of juicy flavors(I like the gingery one). Kombucha can be addictive. It has small amounts of alcohol, so bring it to parties,play kings or beastie boys and get wasted on fermented tea!

That's all she wrote.

*this post is full of fermented ancient foods full of yeast. I did not do this on purpose. Therefore, Brittany Anne Hoskins, you are correct-- I do eat really weird food.

**I couldn't get spell check to work. Oops.How'd I do?


Tiff said...


A) I love you even MORE after readin that. Mostly because . . .

B) I was always made fun of for eating "weird things," mostly by my roommate. He'd ask me what I was making, and I'd say "Cous cous and tempeh." And he'd laugh his balls off. He'd always make fun of me to other people saying, "Whenever I ask Tiffany what she's making, she says "Hohochihohanchichocka." It was a running joke.

C) All the things you listed . . . I. Love. Love tempeh. So good. Love Quinoa. I had this instant quinoa once that, if I could get it all the time, would be the next oatmeal. And Kambucha? Like, HELLO. Drink it fast on an empty stomach and suddenly you've had a glass of wine.

I love you.

Get ready for February 13th. Maybe? We'll talk.


Tiff said...

Oh, and I've used nutritional yeast! Love it. Totally. Vegan's best friend. So . . . we are kind of soul mates.