Friday, January 18, 2008

Green Seafood Enchaladas.

Well tonight my ladies had a dinner party. I documented the afternoon of prep for you.
It's actually quite an easy process. So if you can't make this then you are in fact a failure.

I kid. I kid.


The marinade: EVOO(ask Rachel Ray if you don't know what this is)

Apple Cider Vinegar(The most common vinegar in Spanish cooking)

Sazon! (A spice by Goya...Thanks Noah!)

Seafood of any type(20 shrimp, 3 salmon fillets, 12 fish sticks...ok maybe not fish sticks.)

The filling: The Seafood

10 oz bag of frozen Spinach

Big wad of Mushrooms (Baby Bellas are nice)

1 Purple Onion (They are purple not red!)

Sauce: 10-12 Tomatillos (Will talk about these.)

3 Garlic cloves( Bigguns'!)

Handful of cilantro(People either hate or love cilantro.)

2 Serrano peppers (Jalapenos will do--but use just 1!)

2 Cups of Veggie Stock

3 spoonfuls of something creamy (Sour cream, heavy cream, soy milk)

Corn Tortillas (12ish--and corn are far superior to flour)

Cheese( soy or regular--the queso blanco it the BEST.)

Now get to work!

The Marinade:Just throw it all in a bag. Measuring is for dweebs. Enough to cover it. Leave it overnight. Just a few hours would be OK--but the longer the better

It'll turn orange because of the Sazon! Very festive.
Sazon is new to me, but it's kind of amazing--don't ask me what's in it. It's top secret.

Grill it! (Or broil it if you're a dweeb)
Till it's done. Should take less then 10 minutes.

If the fish falls apart no worries.

Wrap it in tinfoil to keep is warm.

The Sauce:But first a word about Tomatillos.They are fab. They look like green tomatoes, but taste like limes. They are very tart. Don't eat them raw...well if you like tart things go for it, but we'll be cooking down the sauce.
Ain't they cute?

OK so start the Food Processor. Drop in the garlic and peppers. Let em' get all chopped. Put in the cilantro and tomatillos. Let it run. Should look exactly like the picture. If not you have failed.

Now heat a pan(med-high), pour in the sauce and let boil down--about 7 minutes stirring constantly. After it's the consistency of tomato sauce add the veggie stock and a pinch of salt. Let it hang on low for about 10 minutes. The longer it heats down the sweeter it'll get.

It is at this point I am realizing that this is a fairly complicated recipe. But I shall finish what I started. You can work up to this. Tomorrow I'll post a recipe for 'Eggs' or 'Sandwich'.

After about ten minutes taste it--add some a bit of sugar if it's still too tart.

Then add the creamy goodness. Again let it hang on low till assembly time.

In another pan add some EVOO and saute the onions and mushrooms( cut these first--but if you literally thought about throwing in a whole onion I would love you.)

Defrost the spinach in the microwave and squeeze out the water. This is really fun by the way--squeezing spinach . Squeeze it real goooood.

Add the spinach and seafood to the mix. Let hang.

In a 350 oven heat up corn tortillas(spray or brush both sides with EVOO ) so they are pliable. About 3 minutes. Cover with kitchen towel to keep warm.
Almost done!

Take a tortilla and dip it in the sauce.
I need a manicure aye?

Also, stir the sauce better then I did. See that lump of creme fraiche poking out...

Put some filling in--roll it up! Seam side down.
Cover with sauce and cheese(if you like.)

I made a little salad(corn, black beans, tomatoes, purple onion, cilantro, lime juice, s & p) and the rice is just white rice and Sazon!(I'm obsessed.)
Make it look pretty.
You can do this friends. Go for it.

I told you I was messy.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm messy.

So here it is folks. Dani starting a food blog. People have requested it. And I like to make the people happy.

What will this be? I'm not quite sure. It shall evolve.
I kind of feel like this first post will be about how I got to where I am now...

A 23 year old actor in Chicago workin' as a personal chef to pay my bills.I have lots of acting training, but no culinary training. Self taught baby.

Here is a blueprint of my life thus far:

*I grew up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

*Discovered I wanted to be an actor at Stagedoor Manor.

*Escaped Tennessee in high school to attend The North Carolina School of the Arts.

*They helped me get into college.

*During my summers I teach a class called 'Personal Theatre' at the Center for Creative Youth.

*And I learned everything I know about food from...

That's me in 6 links. Get me? Got me? Good.

I'll leave you with a food nibble--this week I discoverd avocados freeze very well.

And today I made for my boss ladies:
~Grapefruit and mint popsicles--weird I know, but they had an excess of grapefruits!3 boxes!

~Seafood Tomato Orange Bisque--so yummy.

~Curried Lentils with Roasted Veggies--they can't get enough of this stuff. I make it twice a week.

For Brit and I:
~Spicy Chicken Fajitas with Gingered Black Beans and Brown Rice--Brit called from the grocery store and said "I think I want to make fajitas tonight!", I said "Awesome make them!" But she got home and I ended up making them...and so it goes. :)

I'll start posting pictures and recipes, duh.